13 Easiest Countries For Americans To Move To! | Dipbar Update

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Title: 13 Easiest Countries For Americans To Move To! | Dipbar Update
Link: 13 Easiest Countries For Americans To Move To! | Dipbar Update

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13 Easiest Countries For Americans To Move To! | Dipbar Update

Top countries that are easiest to move to! These are the easiest countries to emigrate and get citizenship to and easiest countries for Americans to move to!

#6. “Ecuador” – If you are sick of cold North American winters or just having to be prepared for constantly changing weather, Ecuador might be a place you should consider relocating to. Because of its location right on the Equator, in Ecuador it is pretty much summertime all the time. In fact, the country is commonly referred to be the nickname “Land of Eternal Spring”. Ecuador is one of the top places to move for Americans who are looking to save money. It is one of the few countries that has modern amenities and a culture that is friendly to Americans where a person can live on less than $1,000 a month.. It is also one of the easiest countries to obtain residency in for the average Joe as all that is required occupation and financial-wise is that you can prove you have a job or some sort of income that brings in at least $800 a month. However, some of the drawbacks of Ecuadorian life can be shocking to Americans. The cities in Ecuador are heavily populated and no as clean as American cities when it comes to sanitation. The country is also a victim of frequent thunderstorms which can knock out power for days on end. But as far as South American countries go it is actually one of the safer countries in regards to crime.

#5. “Panama” – Because of the Panama Canal being one of America’s biggest foreign works projects, American culture has made a lasting impression on this small Central American country. Because of this American expatriates have made up significant minority of the country’s population since the beginning of the 20th century and American visitors have become welcomed with open arms into Panamanian society. Just like Ecuador, Panama’s location near the equator gives it the country an endless Summer which combined with its beautiful beaches and great fishing destinations, makes it a perfect place to retire Panama’s capital city is only around 6 hours by plane from both Los Angeles and New York City making it fairly easy to hop back and forth. Panama also still uses the American dollar as its currency and the cost of living is much lower than in the U.S. A person can retire comfortable in Panama on just over $25,000 a year. It is also pretty easy to gain citizenship and those who don’t want to go through that process can maintain their residency with Panama’s lax tourist visa which allows a person to essentially live there permanently so long as every three months the leave the country for three days.

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  1. I’d think the Bahamas would’ve made it. I would gladly take one of the small islands with nobody or close to it. I’m done with this planet. I could avoid people and all the bs they bring forever. I don’t enjoy crowds. I wouldn’t miss most anything that people usually say they couldn’t live without. If you’ve been on a cruise to a private island with zero native people, you know my bliss. No roads, cars, buildings, etc. Cococay was my Gilligan’s Island. They’re butchering it now to make it plastic and cheesy. I hope there’s others out there. That was Royal Caribbean, on Celebrity it was a tiny island off the main island side of the Dominican Republic. It was awful, with a mob of children selling beads and what not, you knew they aren’t similar to our kids with lemonade stands. They were probably a needed income for their families. Cococay used to be my dream, only sand, water, and palm trees.

  2. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, UK? Why bother… it’s cheaper to stay in the USA! Why don’t you mention the Philippines? It’s far more popular for Americans than Thailand, and why? Where else can you extend your tourist visa for 3 years? Not Thailand, that’s for sure. Thailand is is more beautiful and more developed but is also less foreigner friendly and has a much bigger language barrier.

  3. I have many countries to choose from:  Germany..born there….Hungary, father born there….. I can teach English… so Thailand,,, I have a college degree…. Costa Rica, Equador, Malta sounds good, Belize is not as good as it used to be,  Columbia and Brazil both have 6 month visas, I also like Russia for many reasons.  My father spent 5 years in the soviet Union in a concentration camp under Stalin.  But, my father told me that the Russian people are wonderful people.  A Russian girl helped my father save his life in the concentration camp.  Death rate was 75%.. this was from 1945 to 1950.  Stalin was still alive, when I was born, in 1952.  Imagine that !!   I also like india.  I learned yoga from India and Tibet.  Been doing age reversing yoga for 28 years now.  My 66 year old body, always feels about 25.  Steve Jobs re-read "The Autobiography of a Yogi" every year.  I love this book as well, and have read it 3 times.  I have also learned sungazing from Hira Ratan Manek, a retired Indian businessman.  If there is no food at all, I can live off this technique !!

  4. Mexico… Drawbacks. Cartel activity kills US citizens… Thailand will kidnap children and force into sex slavery,…. Jesus… Goes on and on….. I'll stick to the so called 3rd world USA…. The rest of the naysayers… Go to *****… I live in the great LONE Star State!

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