Best Tips to Build Muscle Fast For Skinny Guys ! | Dipbar Update

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Title: Best Tips to Build Muscle Fast For Skinny Guys ! | Dipbar Update
Link: Best Tips to Build Muscle Fast For Skinny Guys ! | Dipbar Update

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Best Tips to Build Muscle Fast For Skinny Guys ! | Dipbar Update

Machines vs free weights is the epic battle in the fitness world.
Do Free weights build more muscle?
Are they more natural?
Do they build real strength?
And what should you do?
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  1. Hey Maik awesome video, I completely agree. My only dispute against the machines is when the machines recommend bad form. Example is the rear delt fly machine. I dont feel the rear delts AT ALL with straight arms as seen. But when you do them as if you were doing a reverse bench press it hits my rear delts perfectly. There are plenty of machines where you get more out of it when using them at a different angles then intended from the manufacturer…Also I think people go to machines due to ease of use, and weight balancing. Lastly Id like to end on a question… I have a calf machine where you sit and press against a lever with the feet. The weight is pulled via cable and the stack is on one side only. I use the machine single calf at a time. The weight stack is on the right side. I often feel like my left calf has a harder time than the right. Is this due to pushing down further on the lever away from the weight with the left calf, and its easier with the right sense its closer to the weight on the lever?

  2. Thanks Maik, thats good to know. My deadlift (for example) is awfull, now i wont feel so bad about leg curls as an alternative . . . and i like the idea of training with less risk of injury, and more frequently / consistently.

  3. I had a question I'm 51 years ago around age 35 I used to get a great pump I'm back working out dame intensity and no pump or very little us this because I'm am older ?I did not take any pre workouts etc

  4. U can argue free vs machines non stop and to each their own but can u argue the fact that "Muscles don't have eyes" and so it dont matter till u workout in correct form… If anything, there r much less chances of injury with machines

  5. Hey Mike, you have improved your focus on coaching so much better. Very pleasant to listen. Contractive, straight to the point. Don't have any questions only opinion – I have less injuries by training on the machines, and feel that machine give me balanced push for muscles which is less weaker. Thanks for the great video and your time Maik.

  6. I use free weighs, machines, and cables interchangeably over the years to keep my mind active and engaged so that I don't go mentally stale. Having fun is a key component for me, and varying the weight delivery systems (free, machine, cable) helps me to remain focused and excited about what I do. There is a time and place for it all, because, as you state Maik, muscles don't have eyes (very clever 😉 One is not better than another, but there seem to be camps out there that insist one or the other is best for gaining size. All are outstanding to use regularly. Regarding one comment about machines not fitting a particular individual, yes, I've run across that myself, but the mark of a well designed machine is that it can adjust to the greatest number of users. Although, back before machines evolved into their current state of excellence, I've used, for example, leg extension machines that actually had the pivot point off by a few inches, not inline with the knee joint, which essentially makes the machine dangerous to use. Practically all machines these days have that issue figured out, happily. This potential for personal fitting issues is why if someone wants a machine for their home gym, they MUST ideally try it out at the store first – nothing would be worse than having a heavy awkward machine delivered by FedEx from Amazon, only to discover after assembling it in the garage, that the thing doesn't fit your body well! Imagine returning that!! Ugh!

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