Border Crossers Canada – California Sanctuary State | Dipbar Update

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Title: Border Crossers Canada – California Sanctuary State | Dipbar Update
Link: Border Crossers Canada – California Sanctuary State | Dipbar Update

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Border Crossers Canada – California Sanctuary State | Dipbar Update

Canadian border security intercepting asylum seekers at illegal crossing

While live on Facebook, CityNews reporter Avery Haines witnessed two people cross the international border from New York into Quebec, via an illegal crossing. Canadian border security were there to warn them that they would immediately be detained.

Illegal border processing costs alone to exceed $1 billion, PBO report

The combined costs to process the aspiring refugees crossing illegally into Canada via Roxham Road and elsewhere over a three year period will exceed $1.1 billion next year, according to the Parliamentary Budget Officer.

The non-partisan federal watchdog’s latest report released on Thursday adds up what it costs to process three years’ worth of cohorts of asylum claimants beginning in 2017 – when the border crisis first flared up.

Illegal border processing costs alone to exceed $1 billion, PBO report

California Governor Newsom Vows ‘Sanctuary To All Who Seek It’ In Inauguration Speech

California’s new governor is promising the most populous state will be a “sanctuary to all who seek it” in a direct affront to President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom challenged the Trump administration repeatedly as he was sworn in to office Monday, particularly on immigration.

The former San Francisco mayor became the state’s 40th governor, succeeding the term-limited Jerry Brown.

“People’s lives, freedom, security, the water we drink, the air we breathe — they all hang in the balance,” Newsom, 51, told a crowd of hundreds packed into a tent outside the state Capitol.

California Governor Newsom Vows ‘Sanctuary To All Who Seek It’ In Inauguration Speech

Newsom pushes sweeping new California health-care plan to help illegal immigrants, prop up ObamaCare

Shortly after he took office on Monday, California’s Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom unearthed an unprecedented new health care agenda for his state, aimed at offering dramatically more benefits to illegal immigrants and protecting the embattled Affordable Care Act, which a federal judge recently struck down as unconstitutional.

The sweeping proposal appeared destined to push California — already one of the nation’s most liberal states — even further to the left, as progressive Democrats there won a veto-proof supermajority in the state legislature in November and control all statewide offices.

Trump’s border wall is standard practice in other parts of the world

President Trump’s commitment to building a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border continues to polarize both Congress and bilateral ties with our southern neighbor. While Democrats argue walls don’t work and even many Republicans question the $21.6 billion price tag, both concerns are overwrought. While critics say there is no utility in a border wall, countries around the globe have come to rely on them.

Consider the latest: On Jan. 7, Turkey announced it had completed half of a more than 100-mile wall along its border with Iran in terrain far more difficult than the Rio Grande Valley.

Migrants to Europe ‘need to go home’, says Czech prime minister

Traffickers should no longer be allowed to determine who comes to Europe, the Czech prime minister, Andrej Babiš, has said, as he suggested thousands of police officers could be on standby in the Mediterranean ready to guard the continent’s borders.

Matteo Salvini and Viktor Orbán to form anti-migration front

The Italian interior minister, Matteo Salvini, and the Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orbán, have said they are “walking down the same path” after discussing the formation of a common anti-migration front they said would oppose the policies of the French president.

‘Today’s Europe needs a man like Viktor Orbán’

Czech Senator Jitka Chalánková has praised Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for his uncompromising defence and protection of Christian culture and marriage as a bond between a man and a woman.

Jitka said, “I see Orbán as a positive figure because of his uncompromising defence of basic conservative value,” saying that every European leader should maintain such a position if we want to save our civilisation. “Today’s Europe needs a man like Orbán”.

‘Today’s Europe needs a man like Viktor Orbán’

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  1. Think about this, how many of these so called peace loving warm and fuzzy jihadists do we really have here in Canada thanks to turdhole? Oh yeah and where are all the jobs these liberal retards are planning on giving all these people when we can hardly stay above water ourselves? Turdhole and his anthropoid caucus have destroyed our country what a disgrace I’m sickened by him and his fluid well greased lies the soros dick monkey

  2. Aren't the Rumps breaking the law by helping illegals cross into Canada? With Commiefornia accepting all those illegals, that means a hell of alot of people dying when it sinks below the waves.

  3. I like your ideas. Here is another suggestion, what if Canadians did the same as the migrants and re-enter Canada from the U.S. and say you want asylum and fear for your life. We would get the advantage of enjoying our tax paid vacation in a hotel and we don't have to pay taxes while they figure out what to do about this phenomenon; Canadians that have left the politicians scratching their heads… Canadians are on to us and have figured out how to play the game of "what all Canadians want" as the Prime Mistake keeps telling us. I wonder how long it would take to get an election if we did this?

  4. Sooner or later USA is going to want a WALL between CANADA & the USA ! Can you imagine the cost of that WALL. The Mexican / USA border is a lot shorter then Canada / USA.

  5. Why has our government never encouraged our Canadian families to have more Canadian babies instead of encouraging us to have abortions. 🤔 convinces our Peoples to have less babies then import a population that isn’t interested in a simulating 🤔. Canadians need to wake up.
    Thanks Brian love your channel

  6. These fake refugees/illegal immigrants will be a drain on our society for decades to come! Instead of getting a job they are dropping anchor babies left and right, causing violence, raping, killing, complaining about food/housing, etc…Jihad Justin is so concerned about being the Anti-Trump that he's willing to destroy Canada for some low I.Q. votes. Pathetic, weak, unqualified leadership from the Great Waste North.

  7. Notice to all the illegal immigrants.
    You are now officially allowed to pitch a tent on TRUDEAU;S property and MSM are welcoming you into their building so that you can pray.
    Trudeau wants his kids to have some friends.
    Right outside their yard.
    What a playground that will be.
    Sticks and rocks being flung at Canadian kids.
    Government and MSM patting themselves on the back.
    Damn we are good.
    We kept the people from finding out about that attack.
    Bunch of TERRORIST HUGGING S.O.B they are all.
    The Demon has awoken and Canadians need to put him in a cage.
    A cage were CANADA'S CRIMINALS go…
    They should all do time for their lack of KEEPING US SAFE.
    And time for taking money to ENDANGER OUR LIVES..

    We are NOT animals and we just don't kill others.
    Yes we have our own, but they are nowhere close to the ones that are here.
    MSM has NOT been telling you about the DANGER that is a reality for way to many.
    You need to go to areas you have never been in.
    Ask the people if they are having problems with immigrants.
    Spend a week in areas you find out that are bad.
    I'd love to know the honest truth about how long you were there until you started feeling unsafe.
    And it is important to be honest.
    Would it bother you if someone knew your life was at risk and they never told you?
    I bet you would.
    So why on GODS GREEN EARTH are you just ignoring the warnings and playing the RACE CARD.
    These people are not all here for a GOOD life.
    How can anyone know why they are really here until these terrorist acts to come, couldn't be stopped.
    You are as much of a idiot if you think that the RACE CARD is the best DEFENCE.

    It is a very dangerous reality people.

  8. We had a national IQ test about 3 years ago in Canada. We did not perform very well. However, with our current open border policy in full force, I suspect the upcoming national IQ test results may be even worse.

  9. when is Trump going to have a good look at the Canadian border….lots of bearded nasty individuals getting into the U S. …the creepys can go back and forth at will….the potato is the problem…

  10. we are governed by a bunch of pathetic self serving people that have no long term interest in canada, only make sure enough time is spent in government for a full pension…………how can so many liberal back benchers sit and watch the country being destroyed and not cross the floor? But the east will complete the destruction when they give trudeau another term…..sad ignorant people

  11. Ilike your style sir.. I gotta an idea as well lol, let's crash all the fake news media, "kinda like the nefarious globalist are attempting to crash the u.s. economy by displacing people around the world into the U.S." and release all the facts about those dick tators who are playing the number monopoly game creating the very chaos that is occurring as of now.. then we can offer them sanctuary status and point them all out to not only U.S. citizenry but to all of humanity of which then can decide to do with that 1% of the global population that thinks they are to powerful and intelligent for us 99% to figure them out.. Hmmm? Let's see once we place that 1% on their little secluded island,"we shall just refer to it as tyranny island for now" and then us 99% can decide what should be done with them?? I suppose since they shall have sanctuary status we can offer them a form of currency, "we will refer to these as maybe Commie Stamps lol. Also we could offer them vaccinations like euthanasia and what not!! Sounds like a great idea? And you know what since they are responsible for their actions like conspiring against not only U.S.citizenry but humanity as well we could maybe give them their own special courts, maybe military court's and yes I have military tribunals.. now I suppose these are a really rough draft idea but what the hey, ideas gotta begin somehow I suppose😂

  12. Solution is simple cut money that is directly funded by tides foundation, open society, any globalist conglomerate organization.
    Next deport all illegal's and cut the food stamps unless they can prove citizenship.
    Set rules up so lobbyist groups are not allowed to fund governments/candidates locally or federally. Individuals should be the only ones funding campaigns with a limit as to how much they can fund.
    If a business gets large that business must not dominate the industry by buying all competitors up. Competitors can not have the same investors. Any products made and shipped into the states should be limited before a tariff is added hopefully it will encourage that business to build within the states.
    And lastly no temporary foreign worker program. Like in Canada….
    Problem solved. 😉👍

  13. Let's not forget the church group that sent a bus or two down to Tijuana to load up with migrants and bused them to Canada. The churches seem to be thinking that "sponsoring" migrants will somehow fast track them to heaven. Huh?

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