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Title: British Misconceptions About Canada | Dipbar Update
Link: British Misconceptions About Canada | Dipbar Update

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British Misconceptions About Canada | Dipbar Update

On Twitch, I asked British viewers what they picture when they think about Canada and other misconceptions British people have about Canada – here’s some!

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  1. Never been but I’ve always seen Canada as being overshadowed by the states in the same way Wales gets overshadowed by England. Because of this, we don’t hear about Canada, all the noise comes from the US. I have heard crime & homicide rates compared to the states are much lower, but there is a smaller population too. I never think of Canada as boring, but do think of Douglas fir, Mountie’s, bears, fewer people than Britain, Moosehead, & now bagged milk:), & have always heard it has great summers, not just harsh winters. I’ve met a few Canadians, mostly in passing, over time, all seem very nice. But remember this Canadian guy, that lived in the flat next to me, years ago. He was a nice but heard he was here because of tax evasion in Canada, lol. I also saw a chat show with Kiefer Sutherland’s dad Donald a few yrs back, who said Canadians & Brits have a sarcasm, that Americans don’t get, well you definitely got that quality, ‘that’s for sure.’

  2. BTW thanks for recommending, Hereditary, it was….AWESOME (yeah, lights out! :). Rarely does a film give me goosebumps & keep me glued to the screen all the way through. Had touches of David Lynch esp. Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me (you don’t need to see the series to watch this disturbing intense surreal horror, that film got me into Lynch) & Kubrick’s The Shining, which I’m sure you’ve seen (although the UK version is 30mins shorter both are as good). Also, you may like ‘The Babadook’? It’s not quite as good but kind of has similarities. Hereditary is now one of my top horror films, been looking for ages for a really creepy film. Love the song at the end too. In fact, the end reminded me of 1960/’70’s horrors. High 5’s to you ;-D

  3. I’m an American living in England so I love hearing your perspective about England. I’ll be honest I’m obsessed with maple syrup so I’m very happy Canada is so close to us to get the real goods! I’m surprised you didn’t add Tim Horton’s into the Canadian diet lol. I grew up in Florida and New Mexico so I feel like in terms of America I got to experience a lot more cultures where people were very prideful and kept a lot of their traditions. Which I very much enjoyed 😊 I’ve only been to Canada to once so I would be interested to experience more and see how other cultures adapt to living in Canada.

  4. This years winter weather is crazy! -35 but I love when it’s spring wish spring was longer here I live two hours away from Toronto, glad I came across your channel! Get well soon!

  5. Because many of us have relatives in Canada, we tend to think of them as having gone there and done rather well for themselves. Mine are in Ontario, interestingly enough, so I expect you know them. Therefore, Canada must be a good place.

    We know that Canada is not represented by Mounties escorting the bacon convoys through the snow is not particularly accurate, but how would you represent it?

  6. I bet these some people here who believe that if they don't stick to the roads through the forests, they can get mugged by Beavers or some other mad wildlife : P  Or maybe Bigfoot?  I guessing here but I say nope!  Keep going girl your doing great videos.

  7. Canada is next on my bucket list! Especially Western Canada! BC mostly! I have Canadian friends who are very polite! But in my mind that's commendable?? What the hell is wrong with that?? Nothing?? I am aware of I think it's Quebec?? Or the more French leaning or speaking areas. Outside of that I think Canadian's are very much like British in a lot of ways! This is my perception anyways.. I could be wrong but that's how I feel!

  8. Hi Alanna, I have been to Ontario, you know, the touristy bits like Toronto, Niagara, Ottawa and some of the less known ones like Bracebridge, Pentquishine and Algonquin provincial park, had a really great time.

  9. You got bands….. boring, we got bands too. We don’t have, Indians and Eskimos, and polar bears, and moose, and……… The not boring bit is the stuff you got that we don’t have.

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