Canada’s 10 Provinces | Dipbar Update

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Title: Canada’s 10 Provinces | Dipbar Update
Link: Canada’s 10 Provinces | Dipbar Update

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Canada’s 10 Provinces | Dipbar Update

Happy 150th birthday Canada! In this video we take a look at the 10 different provinces that make up Canada, as well as some Canadian symbols.


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  1. Ok so you're a fucking hypocrite… You said in another video that people all over the world should talk English and in this video you're saying that people in Quebec are upset because you guys don't learn French… You're a hypocrite.

  2. Interesting factoid: the 13 original states of the US were once also called "provinces" before 1776. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for example, used to be the Province of Pennsylvania.

  3. Canucklehead also gets the most obscure province wrong. It ain't Manitoba. It is, in fact, Labrador, the other half of Newfoundland and Labrador. Labrador is the Belarus of Canada. We know it's there, but we have no idea who lives there or what the hell happens there. Anyone ever meet anyone from Labrador other than a Labrador Retriever? That's why Labrador is the most obscure province.

  4. The Quebecois are the worst inhabitants of Canada. I live in Canada I know how it feels. Quebecois are not respectful they scream and swear at you they are ugly and they suck. I'm Quebecois and I dislike the province of Quebec LOL

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