Canadian Housing weekly Wrap up – ITS ALL FALLING ! | Dipbar Update

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Title: Canadian Housing weekly Wrap up – ITS ALL FALLING ! | Dipbar Update
Link: Canadian Housing weekly Wrap up – ITS ALL FALLING ! | Dipbar Update

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Canadian Housing weekly Wrap up – ITS ALL FALLING ! | Dipbar Update

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  1. was just reading in Australia the govt is talking about $200Billion worth of new Housing taxes. where things are heading is people won't own anything.

  2. changing it to 30 years will only juice the market and help the gov and developers banks ect.. Will only keep the average person in debt longer with no chance to ever get ahead . Up till the 70s it was crazy to have a mortgage over 10 years and because of that it kept prices more line with wages .

  3. The government and the banks want you in debt. They hope you never pay off your home or car or credit cards. They need you to work untill you die and keep paying interest and taxes.

  4. Hey Mike, if my memory serves me correctly, after the 1990-ish Japanese recession/downturn (more like a depression) they the Japanese Gov't. went even further with 90-100 year old mortgages of which following generation's ie, eldest child remained responsible for any remaining or outstanding debt upon the passing of their predecessor / parents……100 YEARS!!!

  5. F*** (((them))). The Collapse is a Currency Collapse and the Mortgage is a Death note attached it goes up in smoke. When a new Currency comes online backed by something of intrinsic value. You pay Double for any Property with a Mortgage which means Death Note in French. Long live Gilets Jaunes long live Freedom.

  6. Government needs to realize you can’t have it both ways. If prices keep rising it means more income is put towards housing costs and less on the economy. The only way to affordable housing is for prices to fall to be inline with income. Either you sacrifice the economy to save home owners from losing a ton of equity and money or you save the economy and keep inflation in check by allowing the housing market to fall but not crash. Best thing they could do is continue to raise rates to flush out the bad housing debt.

  7. Household debt to GDP is currently over 100.20%. The average for Canada between 1969 through 2018 was 59.67%. This means the average household in Canada is extremely over leveraged. This looks like is due substantially to the foreign buyers who artificially made housing prices sky rocket. Watch out below…….As John Bogle stated, “prices always revert to the mean”.

  8. 30 years amortization, seriously? Soon it will be 50 years amortization cause people still can't afford the high price of real estate. If gov'tm really want to help the average citizen, they should lower people income tax thus providing more disposable income.

  9. Sounds like an act of desperation to keep the ponzi going. Antonio could probably get a 50 year mortgage now…..start 'em young and innocent is the goal here.

  10. The government will do anything to prop up this market. Housing is a huge percentage of the economy in Canada. If these 30 year morgages come in people have to get smart look at the numbers before they buy not just lower monthly number they are paying back. The banks would love for this come in more interest payment for them and dont forget they are fully protected by a "Bail in" law if it all goes to the wall just like america, oz, usa and Europe

  11. So I guess house prices will go up again, if they let people borrow more. All these idiots needed to do was limit how much can be borrowed and prices would stay low. If student loans were not allowed, education would be affordable too. Governments are idiots

  12. Houses are for suckers. You're a maintenance man, doing yard work, refinishing, snow shovelling etc, heating a whole building, paying high property taxes. Condos are more practical. Houses are more of a burden than anything good.

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