Dungeons & Dragons: Canadian Edition Part 2 | Dipbar Update

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Title: Dungeons & Dragons: Canadian Edition Part 2 | Dipbar Update
Link: Dungeons & Dragons: Canadian Edition Part 2 | Dipbar Update

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Dungeons & Dragons: Canadian Edition Part 2 | Dipbar Update

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  1. TIP FOR DM's: A liiiiiittle pre-planned ex-machina seemed in order here. 😛

    By this I mean, (in a real game) the DM can have 3 scenarios planned. One primary scenario, wherein the characters fight and whatever the dice roll gives happens. Then there can be 2 contingency scenarios. Contingency 1 is for if the players are rolling exceptionally well and the battle is proving to be extra weak because of this factor, the DM can ex-machina in say, more bad guys, the cube could have a magic spell that triggers when someone tries to walk past it, etcetera. This would bring some more dynamics to the game and encourage the players not to just trounce an encounter and book it for the door. One MUST be cautious here though as this can drag out into an entire play session or get the player characters killed on some random bullcrap bandits encounter and burn an entire campaign in moments, but should NOT be avoided as a means to make the encounter more interesting.

    Contingency 2 would be if the players are having exceedingly BAD rolls throughout an encounter. For example, if the encounter is a bunch random nobody bandits or a gel-cube like this, and the PC's are getting absolutely STOMPED because of bad dice rolls, maybe the cops show up, or a band of mercenaries happens along, or an animal flies in and distracts the bad guys for a few moments, or maybe some good samaritan comes along, or even a rafter or rock breaks and falls and hits the bad guys knocking them unconcious.

    Again, this is ALL up to the discretion of the DM and should be used carefully and wisely, and not too often. Don't be afraid to let your player's characters die, but also don't forget to maybe throw them a bone once in a while to possibly save them from random chance crapping on them too hard. Keep an eye on your player's moods. Often a battle going poorly CAN still be fun, but if it happens too often then it could become unfun VERY quickly.

    Far too often DM's tend to forget they are telling a story, like a fable spinner of long ago, and get too wrapped up in mechanics, stats, and dice rolls. Far too often players and DM's forget that THEY are NOT their characters, but are watching their characters live their make believe lives, through the eyes of that character. The DM controls the action, and has a say in whether or not to fudge a dice roll a little to help or harm their players. That is the ENTIRE point of the DM screen, so the DM an have a secret place to spin their tale from, to fiddle with the magic of story telling, and to fudge the mechanics a bit now and again to make the entire experience more enjoyable.

    Lastly, dice rolling to see if the ex-machina plays or not is sometimes also a good idea. DM's need to use their judgement in such instances. But always remember… DM's… You… are telling… a STORY. Tell the story, but remember to have contingencies already planned so that if the story goes sideways, you can throw something in to soak up some of the chaos… or to make it even MORE chaotic if need be. ;-P

  2. I feel for the DM.

    The last adventure I ran had the players square off against a guy who had abducted the princess of the kingdom. Their whole quest relied on them saving the princess so that the king would allow them passage through to the next kingdom.

    The rogue looks at the knight and says “he is four times my size, can’t beat him” and then looks at the captured princess who is tied up on the altar.

    Rogue then snipes the princess and kills her, shouting “now, run while he is distracted.”

    Players. FML

  3. I thought the keys to the van would turn out to be in the villain’s pocket—in the boiler—so that two of our plucky adventurers would be forced to fight off the cube while one of them tried to pull the villain’s corpse out of the boiler.

    Also, since I did not initially think of the cube being made of maple syrup, I wondered if our heroes could have smashed a bunch of syrup bottles in front of the cube so it would be slowed or stuck by a giant puddle of sticky syrup on the ground. Or maybe pour syrup ON the cube and eat it before it eats them!

    I think I shouldn’t have made STR my dump stat to boost my INT and WIS. Now I always over-think things.

    Anyway, I came to this YouTube channel on the trail of the killers of my father, but—for reasons that don’t require exploring at this juncture—I have remained attached as a liaison with the Canadian consulate.

    And if you don’t get that reference to the Due South TV show about the adventures of RCMP Mountie Benton Fraser and his dog Diefenbaker in America, then I am saddened by your loss. I have enjoyed two CDs of the excellent music featured throughout the series, not to mention the DVDs of all the seasons.

  4. Can we talk about what this series implys please. Most dnd groups play weekly or bi weekly, so all of them are not only playing new unique characters to fit each and every campaign. But they are also learning entirely new systems of play with new abilities and rules even if they have similar play styles.

    The character roles they all play are far beyond the ultimate in table top rpgers. This is the deepest dnd show ever.

    Plus the rap is pretty 🔥

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