Express Entry 2019: Step by Step process | Dipbar Update

Express Entry 2019: Step by Step process – Welcome to the Dipbar Fitness Center. Here we provide various information about healthy living from fitness, choosing healthy foods to healthy lifestyles. The key to understanding this article is profile canada in category Canada. Happy reading or watching the video.

Title: Express Entry 2019: Step by Step process | Dipbar Update
Link: Express Entry 2019: Step by Step process | Dipbar Update

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Express Entry 2019: Step by Step process | Dipbar Update

This video is a step by step guide to apply Canada PR in 2019 through Express Entry program
Step 1 or Step 2: ECA or Language test firstly:
Step 2: ECA through WES:
Step 3: Creating Express Entry profile:

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  1. Hi Sutanshu,
    I'm sort of stuck halfway through the entire process mentioned above. Will it be possible to have a one on one interaction. Please try and accommodate this request. Thanks in advance.

  2. Canada ìs headed for hard times we are broke our governments have almost bankrupted us . The cost of living is going up and up ( this is written in Jan.2019 ) bewarnd Canada is going to see civil unrest .

  3. Hi bro, I have a query..can I travel to Canada if my passport expires in 3 months from the decided date of travel??
    Is it a problem if I start processing my PR with my current passport and then I renew my passport just before travel??

  4. Hi Sheetanshu,

    Can you please answer the questions below:

    1. Can we show our proof of funds from our NRE account in India which is a joint account?
    2. Is it enough if we show only the account where we have the funds for the PR?
    3. Or should we show all the bank accounts that both of us hold here in USA and India along with our outstanding loans?


  5. Hi, can u please provide information on two or more certificate. As i am working as a software engineer, i m thing to do a diploma course on ai & ml cn u suggest any University which will ne accepted for immigration.

  6. Hi, is it mandatory to get police verification if I hv lived in diferrent towns in the same state in India. Coz i have my native place's address in my documents but i work in a city away from my home town for which i do not have any address proof. Also is it mandatory to get PC for my spouse as well?

  7. Hey bro !!! I have a query in regards to this express entry program … I have consulted some consultancies and they said that if our job noc is in demanding in canada , then only we will get the invite … even if our crs scores cross the cut off … it doesn’t matter .. is it true ? Thank you

  8. Hi. How about settlement funds? Do you have to bring in cash the exact amount mentioned in the required settlement fund upon landing in Canada or just documents to show proof of funds? How about what document to provide in replacement for a letter of reference if the prevoius company closes already? Hope to hear from you soon.

  9. What is the 80% point to encourage you to apply? I mean if my points are 420 , am I still qualified to apply for the Express entry? And for the educational certificates approval or authorized, is it a set price or it could be higher than this?

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