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Title: Fat Loss for Petite Women | Dipbar Update
Link: Fat Loss for Petite Women | Dipbar Update

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Fat Loss for Petite Women | Dipbar Update

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  1. Thanks for the video! I've struggled a lot until now, I've been recommended 900kcal but I tend to binge after a few days on such few calories unfortunately.
    I'm glad you made a video like this, I have only found one other one for short girls and it was full of sugary things like sweet tea and dates and stuff, I really dislike sweets and just don't do well when I eat them… I'll try just filling up more, like you said! It looks balanced. Have a good day <3

  2. I workout almost everyday doing a mix of cardio and weight training for 1 hour and a half ( sometimes 2 hours) and eat really healthy. Every morning I eat oatmeal with protein powder and fruit, and for lunch and dinner usually will have a saled or wrap with vegetables and grilled chicken. I eat about 1000 calories (sometimes less). I don't know why but I cannot loose weight. I'm 5'1 & weigh 124 pounds. I just keep fluctuating between 125-122 pounds and its very annoying. Is there anything you can suggest? (Also I would follow your meal plan in the video but im allergic to eggs and nuts)

  3. I’m a petite girl 17 years old and 65 kg I’m probably what you call skinny fat, cuz I’ve got SO MUCH LESS MUSCLE than fat in my body so my metabolism only burn 1100 calories a day. Should I be trying to build muscle first so that I can burn the fat or should I do more cardio to burn those fat then focus on building lean muscle?

  4. ok so I'm 5'2 and I have tried everything I can find, I'm somewhere 110 lbs and 115 lbs and i don't know what to do anymore the only diet I've tried that worked was the jimin diet and its basically a diet were you eat like and orange and an apple in a day and that's it and I know it bad but that the only way I lose weight I need help but I also can't go to the gym because I'm a Muslim hijabi and I cant be modest while working out

  5. Nice for someone to consider a small stature. 4’11 here. Fucking impossible to loose weight. I’ve spent 2 years re learning my eating habits my parents gave me. Grew up healthy but still eating for pleasure at every meal and not for fuel. I had to learn portions for my tiny body with smaller dishes and a kitchen scale

  6. I m 5-0 ft, 112lbs and trying to lose 4 lbs. My maintenance calorie is 1100. When I eat 1100/1200 calorie I am barely able to maintain. I am trying eating 800 a day two three times a week. Any suggestion?

    It's so hard to lose weight when your BMI is low.

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