Global Forum 2018: Canada’s Economy I Fortune | Dipbar Update

Global Forum 2018: Canada’s Economy I Fortune – Welcome to the Dipbar Fitness Center. Here we provide various information about healthy living from fitness, choosing healthy foods to healthy lifestyles. The key to understanding this article is canada economy in category Canada. Happy reading or watching the video.

Title: Global Forum 2018: Canada’s Economy I Fortune | Dipbar Update
Link: Global Forum 2018: Canada’s Economy I Fortune | Dipbar Update

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Global Forum 2018: Canada’s Economy I Fortune | Dipbar Update

A conversation with Canada’s Minister of Finance on what Canada can do to become more globally competitive and the steps he and the government are taking to make the country a more attractive place to do business.

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  1. Catch up to Canada r u guys crazy a lot of Canadian is in debt and you don’t want to live on a country a lot of crazy people out there and the rent is to high versus a 1$ salary up use ur brain guys and do the math

  2. Legalizing pot is the right thing to do….but in Canada it was just one more distraction initiated by the Liberals to keep its doe-eyed population in the zombie-like state they've shown themselves to be for the last few years.

    Canada is headed down the shitter as their unfunded liabilities are going through the roof, especially with the mass immigration of unskilled economic migrants, 92% of whom are still unemployed 5 years after they arrive.

    With tech substitution causing mass unemployment over the next 50 years (Bill Gates and Elon Musk agree with this prognosis), countries like Canada will be obliterated.

    High-tech countries with fewer entitlements and less diversity to prevent them from following a common course of action will flourish. Japan comes to mind.

  3. Canadian economy is all bubble. Government deliberately provide fake figures and running by immigrants money. Most jobs are listed for 15$-20$ range while houses cost million$. Canada bring millionaires worldwide and they invest in Canada while hire Canadians turning them into slaves. Houses criss to affordability is among worst to any developed nation. Country is broke and recent massive migrants made it worst. STAY AWAY FROM BROKE COUNTRY UNLESS YOU WANNA RUIN YOUR TIME AND MONEY!

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