Huawei Scandal: China tells Canada ‘stop placating US’ | Dipbar Update

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Title: Huawei Scandal: China tells Canada ‘stop placating US’ | Dipbar Update
Link: Huawei Scandal: China tells Canada ‘stop placating US’ | Dipbar Update

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Huawei Scandal: China tells Canada ‘stop placating US’ | Dipbar Update

Huawei CFO Meng Wangzhou arrived in Vancouver, Canada on Tuesday to appear in court as she fights extradition to the United States. She and her company are being charged with conspiring to violate sanctions against Iran, among other crimes. Meanwhile, US intelligence chiefs briefed Congress on worldwide security threats, placing China on top of their list. RT America’s Sara Montes de Oca has the details.

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  1. Why US afraid of Huawei? According to US tech insider exposed: is true that huawei 5G does not have any back door & this will prevent others to spy on the user of huawei 5G. So this means that US will not be able to spy on anybody else if every country uses huawei 5G

  2. Canadian pm is as pervert neo nazi professional corruptionist Trump . anus n mushroom dik licker..that lady is a HOSTAGE …cuz usa is behind in tech…n trying to steal this corp…blatant nazi people snatching n tech snatching by pervert neo nazi professional corruptionist usa

  3. The rich have to answer for how they make their money, they're so used to doing whatever they want like they're atl but let a poor chap break some law see how quick they answer for it, in full with no daddy to pay 10 million bail, she's living the life, she had to go a day without makeup boo flicking hoo. I hope she's okay, when Americans run askew to Chinese law for sure China will respond so there's no double standard, just to be sure. Too many ppl have no moral compass and would stab their grandma for a dollar, be happy that she gets to atone for her greed, I thought China shared everything then I find out they are greedier than western capitalists in many cases

  4. This is a FREE education on china. Become an EXPERT on china



    Just so you know what kind of scum your reading in the comments.
    This is Freedom in china…

    Of course they also eat dogs,cats and rats….

    5 Most disgusting things Chinese people do

    China's Horrifying Organ Transplant Secret

    and of course chinese torture

  5. Hijacking an innocent air flight passenger is a very serious crime, equivalent to a terrorist act . The offender should be punished
    as a war crime-according to the international law.

  6. Canada has become US pawn against China. Pawns talking about rule of law is really pathetic. Canada desperately needs a new leadership that will protect its political, diplomatic and economical ties with other countries. Nothing good ever comes out of being a pawn. China and US will eventually end up with a trade deal while Canada will be facing the broken diplomatic, political and economical ties with foreign countries by not protecting their country's interests.

  7. If China does not throw this woman overboard they should realize that they more than any other world trader depend on the respect for the rule of law.
    If they can not be trusted they cannot succeed.

  8. I guess Meng’s Huawei-founding daddy doesn’t get to see daughter again. Unless he’s too chicken to go to Canada. Thank you and blessings to HSBC bank for flagging Meng and reporting her to the authorities. HSBC and Chartered Standard for putting a bow on it, severing relations with Huawei.

  9. The P.M. of Canada is just a stupid dummy/idiot . He is good for nothing exact performing the puppet and running dog duty
    for the predatory evil empire of the U.S.A.
    This guy just inherits his father P. Trudeau's shit .

  10. Any reasonable people will know that the arrest was totally political motivated! The US fabricated all charges against the Huawei CFO, and Canada was using the so-called rule of law to cover up its illegal act against a innocent foreign citizen! China and the Chinese people will make both the US and Canada pay dearly for this barbaric act! Chinese don't forget and won't forgive!

  11. What I see today is Canada in a suicide mission with the Trudeau government, always mentioning over and over again Canada rule of law, the Trudeau government should awake now that the cold war mentality is over now. Canada should stand for they own country and shouldn't do the dirty work for US especially with this lying government.

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