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Last Minute Trips – Canada – Welcome to the Dipbar Fitness Center. Here we provide various information about healthy living from fitness, choosing healthy foods to healthy lifestyles. The key to understanding this article is canada in category Canada. Happy reading or watching the video.

Title: Last Minute Trips – Canada | Dipbar Update
Link: Last Minute Trips – Canada | Dipbar Update

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Last Minute Trips – Canada | Dipbar Update

Last Minute Trips – Canada

S2E3 Canada


Last Minute Trips

Produced, created and directed by:
Waffsicle Productions

(in association with)

Still Moving Pictures


Peach Quintana (formerly Ayo Alex)
‘Last Minute Trips (Original Theme Song)’

Andrew Applepie
‘Chaos Stops’
‘Patient B’


‘Comin’ Down’

Dan and Drum:


Created and Directed by:
Collin Duddy
Julien Solomita

Edited by:
Julien Solomita

Produced by:
Jesse Weseloh

Post Production:
Julien Solomita
Jesse Weseloh
Max O’neil
Carlos Rincon

Drone Operation:
Julien Solomita

Collin Duddy
Julien Solomita

Drone Support Provided by DJI


Waffsicle Productions
snapchat: waffsicle

business/sponsor inquiries: [email protected]

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  1. So you guys own an idea practically older than television itself? You're a joke Julien, the only reason you're even remotely popular is your girlfriend (who is actually funny, original, and not an absolute douchebag) and ideas a four year old could come up with, claiming you own a trope from cinema is just as bad as the fine bros attempting to claim the react genre.

  2. God damn, that long hair buck toothed freak is repulsive.

    Other dude is just some wanna be Markiplier/Septiceye douchey bro.

    Maybe you should register ugly hair and buck teeth trademarks while you're at is boys.

    You look like 12 year olds, in 38 year olds bodies.

    Delete your channel and go live in a cave somewhere where no one has to ever interact with you manchildren again.

  3. You guys should do a Summer edition of LMT to Canada. Because going somewhere like Bella Bella (in the Great Bear Rainforest!) would actually be amazing for you guys. It would just make more places plausible to get to and be a totally different experience.

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