Lose Your Love Handles (FASTER)! 6 LOW BACK FAT LOSS TIPS | Dipbar Update

Lose Your Love Handles (FASTER)! 6 LOW BACK FAT LOSS TIPS – Welcome to the Dipbar Fitness Center. Here we provide various information about healthy living from fitness, choosing healthy foods to healthy lifestyles. The key to understanding this article is how to lose body fat in category Diet. Happy reading or watching the video.

Title: Lose Your Love Handles (FASTER)! 6 LOW BACK FAT LOSS TIPS | Dipbar Update
Link: Lose Your Love Handles (FASTER)! 6 LOW BACK FAT LOSS TIPS | Dipbar Update

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Lose Your Love Handles (FASTER)! 6 LOW BACK FAT LOSS TIPS | Dipbar Update

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Alpha HATES love handles! They are annoying pockets of fat – he seriously hates them! Not matter what you do, they seem like they never go away. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is presenting the 30-day plan to lose those love handles.

BEFORE You Get Started
First, check your body fat to see where you’re starting from. Use the Digital Body Analyzer Scale. It’s the best that Alpha’s used. You are working out and trying to lose body fat, you NEED one of these. it gives the best representation of your body versus a scale that uses weight as a measure of success. You could gain 10 pounds of muscle but lose 5 pounds of fat, and the body weight scale won’t give an accurate picture.

30-Day Love Handle Elimination Plan
1. Eliminate alcohol

2. Stop doing crunches – instead work out 4xs a week, focusing on big body parts & compound movements (squats, deadlifts, pull ups, lat pull downs). You’ll burn more calories.

3. Do cardio – steady state cardio in your target zone (stairmaster, treadmill, long runs) on an empty stomach 5 – 7 days a week. Also you could try HIIT. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out, 100% effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time.

4. Chill with carbs – opt for whole grains instead

5. Reduce your calories by 500 per day (3,500 per week = pound of fat gone per week)

6. START! Just do it!

Find Your Target Zone
The number one way to reduce your body fat the fastest, easiest, and safest is doing cardio 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Doing it for 30-minutes first thing in the morning is the same as an hour-and-half later in the day. The body dips into your fat stores as the energy to keep going. You have to do the cardio in your target zone:

220 – your age = number
That number is multiplied by .6 as well as by .75

If your age is 42
220-42= 178
178 x .6 = 107 (lower range)
178 x .75 = 134 (upper range)
If you workout with your heart rate between 110 and 138, you are using fatty acids to keep going

Those two numbers are your lower and upper range. You will be using nothing but fatty acids to keep going in that zone. You don’t have to go the gym. You can walk around the neighborhood or jog in place. Simply get your heart rate in that zone.

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  1. Hmm since there's not much veggies or fruits I like,I think I'm only gonna eat cabbage and since I'm exercising 3x a day,each day I should be fine. Ughh its gonna be soo hard since I love sweets so much. The worst thing is I was eating only in the morning like I'd just eat one sandwich and some chocolate or candy and then throughout the day I don't eat anything and it was working for me for awhile and I was feeling super skinny,I just don't know what happened. One day I just woke up with crazy back fat and stomach and sides too.

  2. My P.T. had strong persuasion when telling me to keep up my exercises for three months. I kept them up for 6 mos., until I needed a new set for back spasms. I have actually developed bigger biceps, a better chest, and wider back, though I still have love handles, one side fatter than the other. Strange?!!

  3. Your gonna lose muscle 100 percent this way. So make sure you drink protein shakes with water consistently to maintain as much muscle. It will have the least calories for a good amount of protein

  4. The crunches and side twists bit I don’t agree with, not once have a I counted macros or worked out my bf %. For the past 2 years I’ve just ate healthy and worked out hard and I’ve been hella ripped. It’s just hard intensive work, consistency and discipline.

  5. I hate conventional cardio …but I love dancing ..
    so I dance intensely … and I stop eating rice/bread/pasta etc ..
    the 1st week I feel like shit but now BAM! i feel awesome
    oh I also practice intermediate fasting

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