Maxime Bernier on Canadian Politics (Pt. 1) | Dipbar Update

Maxime Bernier on Canadian Politics (Pt. 1) – Welcome to the Dipbar Fitness Center. Here we provide various information about healthy living from fitness, choosing healthy foods to healthy lifestyles. The key to understanding this article is on canada in category Canada. Happy reading or watching the video.

Title: Maxime Bernier on Canadian Politics (Pt. 1) | Dipbar Update
Link: Maxime Bernier on Canadian Politics (Pt. 1) | Dipbar Update

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Maxime Bernier on Canadian Politics (Pt. 1) | Dipbar Update

Maxime Bernier (Canadian MP) joins Dave to discuss the state of Canadian politics, leading his new party ‘The People’s Party of Canada,’ why he disagrees with Justin Trudeau, his views on immigration in Canada, political correctness, and much more. **Support The Rubin Report:

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  1. I hear Maxime Bernier 🇨🇦 He’s on the highway to hell, Justin gonna be thunder struck and The PPC’s got the Jack. Like Iron Man coming in to save the day..every one cheers! Canadians are gonna rock this Vote! Maxime Bernier PM 2019! 🇨🇦

  2. i believe he can become the big boss, but not this time around, cuz his party is to new and small. we need a leader who will kick some ass and not be sooo worried about being policialy correct.

  3. I do like most Bernier's views, but let's be honest, he will not be able to defeat the Empire, Trudeau created. He only weakened the opposition, splitting the votes.. Most Conservatives will not trust the leader who already betrayed them once. Those who were supposed to be on the same side against lunacy of regressive Left, are fighting each other now. If Trudeau (probably the most hated PM in Canadian history) gets elected again, it will be the result of Bernier's ambitions.

  4. Hey is this not the same guy who left top secret government files at some bimbos house he was banging. A bimbo who was notorious for banging organised crime figures . Yea this is the guy to form a government shit his judgement is just a ok. Like who does not leave government top secret files at some chicks place. Can't hold that against him can you.

  5. Max tell people the truth…we have murderers, Jihadist's and rapists coming in…. Not one single Canadian that i have spoken to is happy with the violence coming into Canada in a mere 15 years.Trudeau has been nothing but a sheep in Merkels clothing

  6. Can someone please explain to me, how the PPC considers a policy, like "flat corporate tax rates", to be a "fair system"? Or how do they "plan" on eliminating Canada's supply management system , without mega-corporate America, monopolizing our markets? And, how are they going to cut taxes, while maintaining a balanced budget? If I didn't know any better, I'd say Max is partially clueless, and largely influenced, by mega-corporate America.. Some good ideas, but this party is dangling carrots for the populist vote. Everything about this, screams NEO-CON AGENDA!

  7. Tactical voting or strategic voting is needed here. Bernier voters will be to blame for another 4 years of Trudeau because they're voting for a party that can't get rid of Trudeau. You strategically vote for Andrew Scheer to get rid of Trudeau because the Conservative party of Canada is the only party capable of beating the liberals. occurs, in elections with more than two candidates, when a voter supports another candidate more strongly than their sincere preference in order to prevent an undesirable outcome.

    Trudeau is that undesirable outcome.

  8. This guy, though attractive as an PM, could possibly do only damage to the conservative base in Canada.. Having two conservative sided parties (the PPC and the CPC) is only going to fracture the vote, and we're going to have another term of Justine Trudoh… I am not looking forward to this years election…

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