Older Guys Gaining Muscle, Building Muscle in Your 40’s and 50’s with Victor Costa Vicsnatural | Dipbar Update

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Title: Older Guys Gaining Muscle, Building Muscle in Your 40’s and 50’s with Victor Costa Vicsnatural | Dipbar Update
Link: Older Guys Gaining Muscle, Building Muscle in Your 40’s and 50’s with Victor Costa Vicsnatural | Dipbar Update

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Older Guys Gaining Muscle, Building Muscle in Your 40’s and 50’s with Victor Costa Vicsnatural | Dipbar Update

Older Guys Gaining Muscle, Building Muscle in your 40’s and 50’s
Muscle Gains in Your 40’s and 50’s
How to Gain muscle in your 40’s and 50’s


In this video Victor Costa explains muscle building after 40 years old. Victor Costa is considered among the top trainers in the world. Vic’s muscle building techniques are recommended by doctors, scientists and athletes. Visit Vic’s site at http://www.vicsnatural.com

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  1. Iam 47. Lifted my whole life but i sometimes take a break from it. Just came baxk after a year and a half off. Now the muscle is coming baxk fast after just under 2 months. Bit anyone can become a muxh better version of themself once they are determined.

  2. Very vice words , i do agree
    I started working out 5 years ago , is now 51 , my determination is much stronger than when i was 25 , i have a better economy and more time .
    I do my best to enhance my testorone level and recovery ability . doing heavy basic compound exercises , limited cardio but surely enough to profit from it. I eat for testorone enhancement and recovery , healhty saturated fats (olive oil , almonds , avocado , fat fish , coconut oil , greens : spinach , green beans , turmeric , fruit , berries etc etc )
    I eat supps to do my best : zma , citrulline malate , HMB , Betaine , beta-alanine , creatine , hydrolized kassein , cluster dextrin , whey protein , omega 3
    I often change my workout regime , f.example including , always under tension , german volume , different rep ranges .
    If anyone is curious , drop by my insta profile (BOBOMAN67 ) i have no financial interest 🤓, there is also before pictures (a pale slimfat unenergetic guy😂)
    I see the younger guys in the gym as competitors , its good to have goals , its very motivational that the younger guys asks if i am on juice , ha ha (testorone )
    Also beneficial to my testorone levels , a 10 year younger Ukrainian babe by my side , my best advice , will sky rocket your test level , ha ha .

  3. He'll yea ! I am retired and 54yrs old, I finally have time to spend in the gym, and to recover. I was a Commercial Carpenter for 30yrs and have 3 herniated discs. I am making great progress in strength and physical appearance! With my back problems, I had to make some changes, but it's not a big deal, the gym has many machines and pulley stations, and I don't even have to bend over to pick up a plate ! My advise is, get in there ! Make the changes you need to make. At my age, I am not interested in contests or anything, but it's a great feeling knowing I am in better physical condition than many people, both younger ! and the same age as myself ! At 54 I am still getting winks and getting plenty of offers from younger hot chicks out there ! It's a good feeling, I won't lie ! So, forget your age, and get your ass to the gym ! You can thank me later !!!
    Lol !!! Rock on ,, 💪😆

  4. Hi Vic, thank you sir for your inspiring words. I'm 41 and never worked out in my youth. Lately, fear has been holding me back. I have small frame and I'm trying to figure out a healthy workout plan for gaining muscle and strength . Experience is not on my side and I would greatly appreciate your advice. Where do you think I should start? I'm 5'8" and about 165 pounds. Thank you again.

  5. This was an interesting and thoughtful answer, but there's one aspect of this you glossed over: what we thought was proper training and nutrition, say in the 1970s and 1980s, is markedly different after 30-40 years of research and knowledge gaining. People now in their 50s in the 2010s, in their 20s in the 1980s, have a much wider variety of training options and mechanisms these days. So it wasn't as much "I didn't know what I was doing" as it was "We didn't have the better knowledge then as we do now." Having started lifting in 1979, and reaching my 40th anniversary of that start in 2019, I can share these 6 points from my own life, for anyone interested: (1) Due to a high metabolism, I gained only about a pound a year from age 20 to age 35, jumping from 120 to 135. (2) From age 35 to age 50, when my metabolism noticeably slowed, I went from 135lbs to about 160lbs, and also had a 5-year layoff from lifting from ages 45 to 50. (3) Coming back to it from a strength-training only perspective, and focusing primarily on compound movements only – squats, deadlifts, bench press, military press – I reached my highest PRs and 1RMs in all of them in my 50s, while my weight fluctuated from 155 to 180. (4) All of those lifts, most in proper form (and several judged on form by competitive powerlifters) are on my YouTube channel, "David Messineo" (free to subscribe, and no ads). (5) My five years of focused training in my 50s led to blood test improvements, from 17 items out-of-range down to 4 – a huge beneficial turnaround. (6) Looking back on all of it, the one thing I would change is starting deadlifts earlier, in my teens or early 20s vs. later years – with the guidance of a trainer to learn proper form. Be aware, however, that frequent heavy deadlifting can lead to sciatica, where the glutes get tight and create huge pain when hitting the sciatic nerve: something no trainer taught me, and something I had to figure out for myself, and rectify. (7) Every individual will find he or she is different people at different age ranges. If your body just won't gain in your 20s, know what? Go for a ripped abs look, and wait for aging and metabolism to slow to better gain muscle, if you're killing yourself weekly and you're just not seeing results after 2-3 months of weekly effort. When you find it easier to gain weight, that's the time to go back at it hard. Most of all, all through the decades, focus on your health and personal happiness – and if lifting adds to that, make it part of your life for as long as you can. Finally, to Vic – thanks for hosting a great, informative channel that has helped so many across many years.

  6. I respect you view but in my opinion, muscular development depends in a 60 percent of genetics. Then, the muscles will grow according to training and feeding given to a genetic.

  7. And genetics determines the body proportions that a person may reach along the time. As I said, it determines approx. a 60 percent of muscular growth, greetings.

  8. For us older guys I'd say that was a sound pep talk by a wise trainer who knows his stuff. The timing is perfect has I've just started weight trg after 30 year lay off. This belly has gotta go..😂😂

  9. I am so glad I've found this kind of sincere and insightful analysis/answer. Vic your thoughts and the way you put all your heart in it is very unique and helpful for guys like me who are in their 40s or 50s. THANK YOU!! I am your subscriber # 184 🙂

  10. Ok. How many of these guys in 40’s 50’s ad even older are on some sort of chemicals to help them feel better and give them the energy and motivation to workout consistently? I know I have next to zero energy and motivation to workout regularly and I’m 45. When I was young and up to about 33 I was good. I loved working out and never needed a workout partner to get me motivated. I was very strong and big as I could be naturally and I thought I looked really good. But somewhere along the way I just lost all that passion for working out. I was even a personal trainer for a while. I see these older guys that are good sized and ripped and you can just tell they’re not natural but will tell people they are. I just don’t see anyone being fit like that without TRT or getting the stuff illegally. If I’m wrong prove it to me and give me some helpful advice because I can’t seem to keep myself in gear to stay with a workout routine. I’ve stuck with it maybe 3 months at most and that muscle memory is magical because I will see results coming fast strength and size but then if I take a day or two off that ends up being months off or even a year before I decide to make myself get back at it. I injure myself easier now as well. Strength comes fast and then my muscles tear because they don’t seem as durable now at my age. Any help would be appreciated and sorry for the long comment.

  11. True dat. Maximal rate of growth wil come from serious dedication at the beginning of your weight training whether you started in you 20s or your 50s. I started in my late 30s and saw excellent gains but now that I'm in my early 50s things have slowed down. "Comebacks", following a protracted layoff will also see fast gains (so called muscle memory).

  12. people forget about muscle memory if you have done body building in your early years then you gain it quicker when you start again. I have started weight training again after 20 years and are making goods gains within a few months, i eat better 1 don't smoke or drink alcohol anymore. My recovery time is slower and my strength isn't has good but if you max-out on the last reps then that's fine.

  13. Start with swimming, the go on to the weights. Don't push it, do what's comfortable. You'll be surprised. A lot of weightlifting is about controlling the weight, not strength.

  14. I think you hit the nail on the head, it's experience and trial and error. Im 40, been working out consistently for 15 years. Learning what works for me and what doesn't. I eventually got it whittled down to a decent program that works for my body. 40, 6,3 235lbs 17% b.f. I feel great other than muscle soreness but I wear that with pride.

  15. The past means nothing, except for what you've learned, so stop worrying about what may or may not have been possible. The only thing that matters is that you are in the here and now and what actions you can take going forward to improve your situation in the future. So the question you should ask yourself is this: how will the future you five years hence, who has been training correctly and consistently, compare to the future you who has not trained at all during that time. In five years you can be much better than you are now and much better than how you will be if you don't train at all. The time passes nonetheless, so the choice is yours: improve or don't improve.

  16. what would a good workout routine for 45 yr old man
    I've been working out for 6 months.but hanvnt really got good routine.I have been doing chest triceps back n bi just wondering if that's a good routine or not

  17. I needed to hear this so much today. I am 61 years old with cerebral palsy and I am making gains now after laying off strength training for years. I am not going to lie to you. The workouts are much harder on me than when I was in my twenties, but it is so worth it.

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