Re: V Shred – The 5 Weight Lifting Commandments to Building Muscle Mass FASTER! | Dipbar Update

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Title: Re: V Shred – The 5 Weight Lifting Commandments to Building Muscle Mass FASTER! | Dipbar Update
Link: Re: V Shred – The 5 Weight Lifting Commandments to Building Muscle Mass FASTER! | Dipbar Update

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Re: V Shred – The 5 Weight Lifting Commandments to Building Muscle Mass FASTER! | Dipbar Update

V Shred – The 5 Weight Lifting Commandments to Building Muscle Mass FASTER!

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  1. V-Shred,the benchmark for stringy,unremarkable blandness who's functional ability only puts to shame that of a disabled person.
    He should put videos out on how to bolster the cult of mediocrity,which is really all he's doing here.

  2. Splits are another retarded thing that don't work unless you are either on steroids or else SEVERELY hitting the muscles on every workout so hard you can't do it again for another week, and even then you don't need to split things up unless you are taking so much time it's just impossible to do it all at once. And the main reason people run out of time is due to being a lazy ass not that they are really doing 100+ sets and need to split it up.

    And the idea of a split day being a "pull day" is just mystifying.

  3. 5 Commandments:
    Adequate Nutrition for your current body composition
    8+ hours of sleep
    A program focused on Compound lifts
    Progressive Overload
    Adequate frequency and volume (2-3 week frequency and 8-25 working sets per major muscle group)

  4. Can you please do a video series reviewing workout routines one by one? I just discovered kinobodies "Greek god" and "superhero" routines. And they seem like complete shit. Maybe don't give away the reps and sets to avoid legal issues but just explain them. People rant and rave about them. I don't see how you make any progress doing 4 sets per body part per week? It goes against everything I know but maybe I'm wrong. Same with Martin berkham. I'm lost coach I need guidance

  5. Hey Coath I came up with some lyrics and music video effects for your diss track against Kali muscle “Hippo vs Rhino”. “They callin me a HIPPOcrite, got that hippo power, but what you don’t know Youngblood is ima hippoCRIP!!!” Then have a glass breaking sound effect similar to stone cold Steve Austin’s entrance and have a Hippo dressed in blue stampede through and roar

  6. I guess you missed the tip on changing your tempo on the reps, then of course he was demonstrating 1 second concentric and 4 second eccentric reps on the bicep curls lol. I'm like yeah that is a good recipe to make your arms sore. The body type quiz always makes me laugh though lol.

  7. For the Q&A since I don’t have FB:

    Jason, I’m what I would consider a novice lifter because I don’t look like I lift but I’ve stopped progressing on my current strength levels. I’m 5’7” @ 150 with a very thin bone-structure (28” waist, look like an orangutan)….and my lifts have stagnated at 300SQ, 140MP, 300DL, BW+45 (for reps) on strict/deadhang pull-ups. I can’t bench because anything above 140lbs causes intense sharp pain in the shoulder joints that doctors haven’t been able to figure out. I was doing dips+25 but I couldn’t move past that. I’ve had a history of fuckarounditis where I trained without making any weight gain for like 3yrs, then I started actually eating (and got pudgy). I cut from 170 to 150, and am in a light surplus – but the weight on the bar should’ve went up as the non-contractile (dead) weight decreased and not stayed the same right? I‘ve recently been going in and hammering near my PR weights for AMRAP sets with 5min rest between, hoping over time I’ll gain reps or weight on the bar….but it isn’t happening. Any advice or help is appreciated!

  8. Even though i feel volume workouts are on a person by person basis. Some people do excellent on high volume, some can't handle it.

    I have always based my belief in Full Body Training, Leroy Colbert style. 2-3 times a week training the entire body for a natural, has always been the better way to go. 3-4 days a week off for recovery is huge with muscle building.
    No failure training and No forced reps, they only lead to longer recovery times.

    I still train like this at 53 years of age. If i know i will be out of the gym longer than 3 days i will add in failure reps because i know i have extra recovery days.

  9. He does look like a swimmer but he dont look strong. That is one thing people got to respect FREE training programs that is love for this game Jason has. The Peanut butter part made me laugh hard

  10. Jason, what is your take/knowledge on Chinese style training? We always hear about Russian, West side (just to name a few) but we hardly ever Chinese. Even when they seem to be top athletes and always do well in powerlifting oly comps

  11. For natural lifters: it is easier to be big while you are fat! Nobody (sorry but even Jason) shouldnt be talking how big or small another lifter looks unless you cut down to similar bodyfat in this case at least 10-12% bodyfat (sorry if you think you are there, you are most likely at 15-16%). To say that this V shred guy you can look like him in couple of months of training – sorry, very misleading. I have trained at night at commercial gym with 40-50 people there – and if we take the obvious steroid users out – from the naturals – sorry may be 1 in 10 looks like that. Now the problem is that there are people who are sitting at around 200 pounds looking "strong", thinking they are 15-16% bodyfat (when in reality they are close to 20-22%) and they think that they would look huge if they cut down to 10% bodyfat at 190 pounds. The problem is, they never do cut, so they continue to think how big they would look when they cut down but it is an illusion because they never do the cut. And the few who actually try to cut, get surprise how small they end up after the cut, because once they cut down to actual 10-12% bodyfat (while thinkgin to themself they are sub 10%), most people end up 160-170 pound range.

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