Student deported from CANADA After study😱😱😱 | Dipbar Update

Student deported from CANADA After study😱😱😱 – Welcome to the Dipbar Fitness Center. Here we provide various information about healthy living from fitness, choosing healthy foods to healthy lifestyles. The key to understanding this article is canada in category Canada. Happy reading or watching the video.

Title: Student deported from CANADA After study😱😱😱 | Dipbar Update
Link: Student deported from CANADA After study😱😱😱 | Dipbar Update

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Student deported from CANADA After study😱😱😱 | Dipbar Update

sorry for spelling mistake in video
so ki halchal sarea in this video i am going to talk about student who recently deported from the airport
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  1. Bro i have 5.5 in two module and overall 6.5 langara college has sent me the offer letter and now i have applied for visa with 1year tiution fees and gic now what are the chances of getting the visa

  2. Nice brother…its more important for me…tnku…agr veere apne hrs jyada ho gye taa ki apa agr 5/7 din break le lene aa oh divide ho jange mtlb koi prblm face te nyi krni pyegi

  3. Yeah u r right👍 ethey ah ke saarya nu kam kern da bhuaat laalch ho janda , per kam da ki a work permit te jina marji kam karo jine marji dollar earn karo but in this country study is more important than work if our GPA and all academic record is good then we can get work permit. So, be aware . I heard from my friend her friend is working 24 hours week then she got letter from immigration they said you can't work 24 hours in a week you are only allow to work 20 hours. That time i thought she is lying. But this is true, rules are so strict now. So, Just focus on your study.

  4. brother my classes started from 7 Jan . i worked on sin in a restaurant . but bro my pay roll started from 1st Jan . will there be an issue . if their is then what should I do now ? brother please reply asap…..

  5. Phajee I am on student visa . Class me janda nahi . 80 hours kamm karda. Menu deport de letter aai . Dasso kee Kara Menu mere employer jo dilli daa pappa see fasaa gaya kende kuch nahi hunda kamm kari chall paisa kama

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