TUMBLEWEEDS + CRICKETS: As In The Canadian Art World, Canadian Politics Is Quite Flat + Uneventful | Dipbar Update

TUMBLEWEEDS + CRICKETS: As In The Canadian Art World, Canadian Politics Is Quite Flat + Uneventful – Welcome to the Dipbar Fitness Center. Here we provide various information about healthy living from fitness, choosing healthy foods to healthy lifestyles. The key to understanding this article is canadian in category Canada. Happy reading or watching the video.

Title: TUMBLEWEEDS + CRICKETS: As In The Canadian Art World, Canadian Politics Is Quite Flat + Uneventful | Dipbar Update
Link: TUMBLEWEEDS + CRICKETS: As In The Canadian Art World, Canadian Politics Is Quite Flat + Uneventful | Dipbar Update

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TUMBLEWEEDS + CRICKETS: As In The Canadian Art World, Canadian Politics Is Quite Flat + Uneventful | Dipbar Update

DURATION: 14m56s — My attendance this past weekend at the second edition of the Pendance Film Festival ( afforded me a number of interesting departure points and thought bubbles on Canuck politics.

Come and take this exciting journey with me as I draw parallels between the Canadian art and political worlds…

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (2007)
by Cristian Mungiu

Pendance Film Festival Tarkovsky Showcase:

The Tarkovsky Showcase

Equally Red and Blue, by Georgiana Moldoveanu:

Equally Red and Blue

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  1. In Quebec 2035, whites will be a minority.
    I suspect something is brewing, no politics in Canada, none in the USA, strange booms in the USA, and that happy nuke year tweeted by the US army then removed.. this is suspect.

  2. Hi Adam. Looks warmer there. You shipped your cold weather out west. It’s freezing cold here in Penticton. I’m still absorbing what you said so I’m not able to say much. Only thing I would say is that our political situation is serious. Darned serious. I’m really praying people wake up by the 100’s of thousands because this upcoming election requires serious educated voters to make a difference for our kids and grand kids. This country needs free people to wake up and see what’s being lost. Maybe people are sleeping because it is flat. But it’s really not flat. It’s just quiet and sneaky and nobody’s noticed the danger. God help us.

  3. Agreed, Daniel. Hardship is needed to understand how easy most Canadians have it. If nothing happens, there’s no story to tell. It’s also why a 10 year old could never write an epic piece of literature, even if he were a genius – due to lack of life experiences.

  4. The Canadian zeitgeist is that we have a dull and boring history. I could not disagree more. It is said that ignorance is bliss. The flip side to that is ignorance can be the death of you. We are bored with our history, because we are ignorant of it, and we are ignorant of it because we have been convinced it's boring. Why look?

    As a film maker Adam, you are more privy to the politics of the movie industry, and I will say so boldly, the above stated paradigm of boredom is enforced by a twofold enhancement of the Hollywood monolith, creating the American identity, given the void to the north only a token acknowledgement from time to time to keep it real, but everything American is larger than life, (even the mundane), and anything Canadian is subservient by nature. Also, it seems to me that our film productions depicting Canadian themes are stymied in their quality, are downplayed in the sheer gravity, and cheapened like an animal scene needs to clearly depict a stuffed toy, so it obviously is that, whereas human cruelty and slaughter can be as graphic as your imagination will allow.
    I mentioned before that you when you said recently you wanted to be enthralled with our identity and culture, I recommended some reading; like Mounted Police history, military history, 50 Mighty Men and others. You well know that it isn't the substance of something but the presentation that matters. Look at who we have in parliament.

    I said I would research "vote splitting" for an opportunity to rebuff all the criers on the subject. I replied after you did on our back and forth on the "Weak Sister" video. See the quote from "The Hill" Feb.16th 2013 article, "Blind Loyalty to Political Party" in my reply. Nails it in my opinion.

    Thanks again Adam!

  5. Adam. Which art you question results in a different opinion to me. Not to diminish your chosen industry, but I cant right off hand name a truly great Canadian film (although they exist) that would be immediately recognised as such around the world. They just don't easily spring to mind. Our artistry seems more geared to music, and in my opinion, on a per capita basis Canada is almost unmatched other than Britain. I guess with film, they have a much bigger hill to climb. They have to gain attention and make to a theatre to be seen, and seen in the US to make it, whereas music has a less bumpy road to make it to the airwaves. And as I type a Leona Boyd notification pops up! I forgot I was even subbed to her. But that kind of makes my point. I sat one day a few years back trying to write down every great Canadian band or musician. I took forever because of the "Oh yeah" and Leona Boyd…and and and as the names keep coming. But with actors, most move to the US and aren't even recognised as Canadian. But we are unique…our humour is like a cross between American "whos got a bigger dick" humour, and off the wall Brit humour. SCTV and Kids in the Hall come to mind. Our music is the same. There was American rock, and British rock, and Canadian rock just turned a page. We took the best of rock, mixed it with our acoustic roots and turned it into our own style. The east had the hard rock 3 piece bands like Rush, cool types like Kim Mitchel and intricate wizards like Rick Emmet from Triumph. The west had the smooth west coast bands like Trooper, Harlequin, Prism, Loverboy. All with a uniquely Canadian sound. We also have some great writers like Farley Mowat or Atwood, along with painters like Robert Bateman. Im proud of that!
    So how does the Canadian film industry make a Canadian story interesting? Its how we look at ourselves and how we project it to the world. Was the Journey of David Thompson any less eventful or meaningful than Lewis and Clark? America simply tells a better story about themselves than we do.
    It doesn't help our cause any to have a PM that is anti Canadian does it?
    Anyway Im ranting…

  6. Thank you, as always, for putting up your well-spoke viewpoint – it takes a lot of time and effort to create and post content. That you're willing to do so speaks volumes about your care for the future of our country. Thank you, Adam

  7. our political system is a mess in Canada. The milque toast attitudes of voters have brought us to this crisis point. If we head in the direction of globalism through invasion, we won't have time, resources or even the inclination (see energy) to produce the great Canadian film. We have become a nanny state in Canada, mediocre celebrated, the ambitious or driven resented or subjected to envy or even ridicule. I am a writer, performer and artist, so I know what you are saying about Eastern European film. I have watched enough to recognize the fire and passion that goes into sharing the psyche of a nation. But we are at a crossroads as a nation, Canada is not in a good place. We are up for grabs, I want to know where the true warriors are in this country. I know of Alberta bush militia, the men who, through military or police service, have experienced the darkness and cruelty of men. They get it, they are vigilant and watchful. Far from bland or lackluster, these are the hidden stories in the wilds. They are on the ready, they smell the distance smoke of the enemy. There are people across this great nation with interesting and complex lives with amazing stories to share. I live on the East Coast, we are chocka block with culture and fascinating tales. But in the near future we will be under siege if things continue into a downward spiral, some of us prepared, some of us clueless and naive to the traitorous enemy within. Our stories are very rich, textural and exciting. Get out of the city, head for the north, the west and the east. We are connected to the mountains, land and water. We have stories. Get beyond Toronto.

  8. yeah you can knock Corner Gas… for vapid content, for stretching reality to get a smirk because the writers have no content in rl to translate into comedic dialogue on film. in any town across Canada you can get better comedy at the local pub on any given night. When you have experienced true comradery, Canadian film Comedy falls flat.

  9. Adam, obviously your culture will be "drabe" if your people and its nation have no historical events nor the temperament provoke them yet in both world wars Canadian soldiers and Sailors were amongst the most feared and rarely failed missions , the point is that Canadians are "of good stock" and were willing to fight ferociously for king and Country and its culture i, might add, but thats just it our culture is one of being peaceful i dont mind the "drabeness" because it makes guys like us stand out and thats a bonus with women if you ask me lol so i cant complain but as for movies well thats another animal altogether.. take care great sruff dude👌👍

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