YOU NEED TO REVERSE DIET // What I Eat to Build Muscle and Stay Lean | Dipbar Update

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Title: YOU NEED TO REVERSE DIET // What I Eat to Build Muscle and Stay Lean | Dipbar Update
Link: YOU NEED TO REVERSE DIET // What I Eat to Build Muscle and Stay Lean | Dipbar Update

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YOU NEED TO REVERSE DIET // What I Eat to Build Muscle and Stay Lean | Dipbar Update



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This video addresses the following topics:
Who should do a reverse diet
Reverse dieting after a competition
Reverse dieting for females
Reverse dieting 101
What I eat to build muscle
What I eat on a lean bulk
My reverse dieting macros and calories
My reverse dieting strategy
What I eat to stay lean
Reverse diet methods
Reverse dieting process
Lean bulk workout plan
Reverse diet workout plan



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  1. I just got a new spice rack for my million spices that currently live in little plastic bags 😳 Just wondering where you got or how you made your round labels for your spices…random question but I'm curious 😅

  2. At what maintenance calorie amount would you say you need to reverse diet? Ie what do you guess is the minimum tdee needed to avoid deficiencies (or, in other words, not be totally miserable)? I maintain at 1100 🙁

  3. Increasing your metabolism by eating more sounds a little bit like magic, not gonna lie. 🤪 So did I get this right? I start at whatever my maintance tdee currently is and increase that by 100 calories a month? My questions right now: At what point do I stop increasing my calories, how do I know what the limit is? And how much resistance training should one do, how often a week and how hard?

  4. Thanks for another great video Marisa! I've been considering the Maps Red program and also reverse dieting. Not sure if I really fall in line with any of the cases you detailed. I am overweight, i've done a DEXA scan and my TDEE 2057. Would going 2 weeks at that caloric baseline be the best way to figure out what approach to take?

  5. Your hands are mesmerising, I mean from a perspective of the patterns you create when you are talking with them, sorry that was random but that Kambucha stuff freaks me out. I am having a random day, I wear glasses, too they are a real pain on video. Your glasses are really cute but I like the no glasses segments for the variation. Your eyes are really intense and it kinda adds to the energy. You do however already have a lot of energy. It’s an energetic show. Sorry about your hand and the new ring looks great!

  6. Alright, so if reverse dieting builds your metabolism, does the total amount of energy you burn cap off?
    Ex: starting calories at 1900. You reverse diet and you’re now eating at 2200 calories and you’ve only gained around 1 pound. If you keep increasing your calories, will your body adapt to the increase and adapt to burning the calories to keep your body at maintenance or will your body just notice you’re at a surplus at start storing the extra energy as adipose tissue?

  7. Hi, I have a question. I am on reverse diet now. I have always been on like 1200-1300 kcal diet (cause ofcourse i've been told the more you cut the better The results…). After analizing the whole idea of rd I decided to slowly add more kcal to my diet (as I have nothing to lose, cause my body isnt changing that much and i've been lifting heavy since 2016). I started gradually adding 50kcal every 2 weeks. I am at 1490kcal but I still dont know when to add more and what changes are good to see… how long should my body maintain current weight so that I can add more kcal? What if I notice weight gain? Should I stay at that amount of kcal or what ? I would really appreciate that if you could answer my questions. I'd love to be sure of what I am doing and not guessing 🙂
    Thank you and sorry for any language mistakes.

  8. First of all, CONGRATS on the monumental kombucha success 😀 😀 😀 So happy it worked out. You're gonna save a ton of money by making it instead.

    Still on the fence about whether reverse dieting is for me right now, maybe I'll get enough info to make a decision from your next video! <3

    Also, I don't know if you're the kind of person who immediately learns from her mistakes, but I sure af am not, so I recommend you get a silicone sleeve for the cast iron handle. I have one in bright red to put it on as soon as the pan is out of the oven so that I don't burn my hand (again) and I really recommend it.

  9. Can you talk more about that dieting for a long time thing? I was on a low carb diet then switched to total Keto…and then I went on vacation, gained a bunch of weight because I was eating a ton of carbs and drinking…then I just gained more weight. Totally screwed up my body.

  10. I’m on a bulk myself and I feel like my body is starting to get used to eating more and is now starting to crave more, do you have any tips for end of night hunger when you’ve already eaten all your macros for the day? Besides water obviously lol 😊❤️

  11. Hey, hey, Marisa! I know you probably don’t care about that kind of junk, but, I gotta say, you look super pretty sans spectacles! Your pretty peepers pop perceptibly more! 😀 OF COURSE, you’re beautiful anyhow. 😍
    Great video, as always… loads of useful info! You’re my fave fitness guru. 🙌🏽 Already looking forward to the next one! 🤗

  12. Hey Marisa 🙂 I wanted to say thank you for your confidence in posting your videos; I have learned so much from you. I have a question: I’ve been reading The Obesity Code and he says to not focus on calorie intake because of our body’s metabolism’s ability to adapt. Why are you focusing on your calorie intake while doing your reverse diet?

  13. As always, you’re my favorite body science person ❤️ I’ve been playing around with a reverse diet but fear “gaining weight/fat” as any ex-competitor will occasionally deal with. But with maybe 1k calories a day in food, I realized my metabolism is so so slow.

    And just as I typed this, you were on your walk taking about ex-competitor 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Love you girl!

  14. So I am on a weight Loss journey it started in august last year I've lost about 40ish pds I started at 187 and am floating around 144 but I had a question about my stomach I have noticed that my ribs are sticking out a bit far but my lower tummy still has a way to go in fat loss now is that normal and how can I avoid looking anorexic when I get to my tummy goals ?

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